Dog Deshedding Brush Rake

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The Dog DeShedding Brush Rake is designed with double-sided, stainless steel, non-scratch curved teeth which helps to remove tough knots, mats & tangles easily without hurting your dog skin. It is well-loved by professional groomers as it’s easy to use and reduces shedding effectively. The dog deshedding brush is suited for grooming on all dog breeds, especially dogs with long hair.

  • Remove Tough Knots, Mats & Tangles – The dog deshedding brush is designed to penetrate into dog coat and help to remove mats, tough knots & tangles especially those needed to be cut out easily and safely.  Well-loved by professional groomers as it reduces shedding effectively.
  • Double-Sided, Non-Scratch Curved Stainless Steel Teeth  – The brush is made with double-sided rounded teeth that help to groom tough knots, mats & tangles easily without scratching the dog skin.  The teeth are made of quality stainless steel to ensure lasting use.
  • Comfortable with Ergonomic & Non-slip Handle – The dog deshedding brush comes with an ergonomic handle with a non-slip grip which helps to prevent hand or wrist strain after brushing your dog.
  • Easy to Clean & Maintain – Simply remove hair from the stainless steel curved teeth.  Just rinse with water and dry up after use.

Suitable for grooming on most dog breeds, especially for long-haired dogs with frequent tough knots, mats & tangles. Grooming your dog regularly will keep your home free of dog hair!

Our Guarantee: We offer 7-days return, if the item delivered is not as described or damaged in transit.  See Conditions

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How to use the Dog Deshedding Brush ?
  1. Be sure your dog’s coat is completely dry, especially after a bath.  Make your dog in an area where he is comfortable.
  2. Check to ensure that there are no bruises, sores, and skin conditions under your dog coat.  Seek vet treatment if needed.
  3. Start with your dog’s neck, back, sides, stomach, and tail. Brush gently from head to tail or top to bottom in the same direction.
  4. Don’t brush against the grain, as it can hurt your dog. Use long gentle strokes and slowly remove as much fur as possible.
  5. Don’t press too hard against your dog skin especially the stomach area & legs to avoid scratches or skin irritations.
  6. Don’t go over areas too often to avoid skin irritations.
  7. Always clean the Stainless Steel Curved Teeth when required to avoid clogging.  After finish brushing, reward your dog with his favorite treat.
Size Guide (Approximate)
SizeWidth x Length (cm)Width x Length (inch)
Medium7 x 17.52.75 x 6.89
Large9.5 x 17.53.85 x 6.89






2 reviews for Dog Deshedding Brush Rake

  1. 5 out of 5


    Cool and comfortable thing. Easy to use. It was just perfect for my York! Thanks for the fast delivery.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Great comb. It works perfectly as described. Remove the dead hair easily and don’t scratch the skin. Thank you!

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Did not find what you like? Check out our collections here:   Dog Grooming, Dog Grooming Brushes

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